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This blog shows news about the bbps project. bbps is a simple and small PHP application to store bookmarks on a server. It is different in that bookmarks are not stored in folders, but each bookmark can be assigned to an indefinite number of categories.

Monday, December 05, 2005

No, we're not dead!

... just busy

We're all pretty busy at the moment, both with work, family and other projects. I know edmz has written some import utility which will be in CVS soon, so there at least is some movement here. So don't worry!

I am working on a port of bbps to the rails platform. At the moment this is just a slow-moving pet / hobby project of mine, but it might prove interesting. Rails offers a lot of interesting stuff and it's fun to learn too. I've got a very premature pre-alpha-ish demo of the port up at http://lapis.wzzrd.com. It doesn't work perfectly by far, but then again, it hasn't made smoke come out of my computer either :)

In case I'm not able to write the coming weeks: have a good Christmas, a happy New Year and I'm sure you'll more of us in 2006!


At Monday, March 27, 2006 3:42:17 AM, Anonymous said...

My English is not very well,so excuse me for my bad english.

At first,Thanks for your works!
I download bbps from Sourcefoge.net and I want to join it to my personal website,so I test it in my localhost,it work well,but have three little bugs.

1>the tableheader was too long and it over the header and footer.I change the "table" in bookmark.php
and make the table's property into stylesheet document.of course,it just a small problem.

2>even if change the charset to gb2312 or UTF-8,when I translate the English to chanese,the menunav can not view normally, I even convert the file format to utf8 use MSnotepad,but the same result.I want to know why.:(

3>It always said "Warning: Division by zero in W:\www\PNP1\wordpress\bbps\bookmark.php on line 402";I don't know what'wrong.
So,thanks again for your works,and I wish hava response from you.

:) Good luck!
from: branch.wang@gamil.com

At Tuesday, March 28, 2006 3:07:29 PM, David said...

Follow this link to the [ 1210238 ] Divide by zero error bug report.

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 2:55:49 PM, macosbrain said...


i think your bookmark manager is really greate but did you know the word 'sql injection' ?????

here is just a small example:


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