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This blog shows news about the bbps project. bbps is a simple and small PHP application to store bookmarks on a server. It is different in that bookmarks are not stored in folders, but each bookmark can be assigned to an indefinite number of categories.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Working towards 0.8

Chris and me have been working pretty hard this week to bring bbps towards new features and, eventually, a new release. We've done a lot of bugfixes ourselves and we applied some patches either submitted to us through Sourceforge or directly. Everyone who submitted a patch or a bug, you know who you are: thanks a lot for helping out!

A quick glance at what we have done so far:
  • orphaned bookmarks now show up in searches
  • the redirect error caused by a double slash at the end of a URL is solved
  • you can go to a random bookmark by clicking on 'Random site' for those really bored :-)
  • we added a checkbox to the adminpanel to enable rechecking a site for a favicon
  • the bookmark - tag relations editor is no longer generating duplicate tags
  • duplicate tags are banned alltogether, which is why you need to use the upgrade_schema.sql file when upgrading!
  • lotsa' more stuff, bugfixes and cleanup
Once you install the new version make sure you check out the new design. It's only a subtle change in the appearance of the program, but it looks SO much better. Just check it out, we're sure you'll agree! Send Chris some fanmail to thank him for it. I know I did! ;-)

A last remark: our demo site seems to be b0rked. Sorry. I'm working on it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Favicon support in CVS, a quick Howto

To enable favicon support in bbps-cvs, follow this quick how-to:

  • First, of course, checkout bbps from cvs. This is at your own risk! Please be aware of this! CVS software is in beta state at best and can mess up your install!

  • Then, copy the _init.php.org file to _init.php and edit it to suit your needs. Set $CONF_ENABLE_FAVICONS to TRUE and fill in the directory to hold your favicons in $CONF_FAVICON_DIR.

  • If necessary, create the directory filled in above. Be sure that your webserver can write to this directory. Either chown or chmod it to enable this in Linux. Windows surely has means of doing this too ;)

  • Then, and this is important, because you will see no error if you do not do this, but favicon support won't work: edit php.ini. Be sure to set allow_url_fopen to On.

  • Restart your webserver.
You're done. Favicon support will work now, for new bookmarks. Support for favicons for older bookmarks will follow shortly.

Obligatory screenie: